Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gobleen Games

Hi there, i have a new game. I call it The Empire. This game is a Real Time Strategy game.
This is the screen shot of The Empire

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Black Eagle

New Game for this game is remade of my old apache longbow game. In this game you play as a AH-64 pilot to do some mission. Simple game with 12 Maps/mission, A lot of enemy, nice AI, Save and load game and Nice graphic :D

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Map Maker

I love tiling game in flash, because it's smooth scrolling however i use some big bitmap. The main problem is how to develop the array for the tiling game. i still remember when i build the sim taxi game, i write all the code in notepad, and it take more than 2 days, only for build the map.

it's very difficult to build the map. So that why i need to create some tool that make me easie to generate the code. Then i build map maker.

It simple to you, just decide what size of the map will be. then you will see some property panel that shown everything that you need like a preview of walkable tile, unwalkable tile, veiw code, map coordinate and save map. Just click the screen and it will change the map. After finish editing click the view code button and you will get the code. Copy the code and paste it at flash as an map array. Powerfull and simple.

This program will generate 3 dimensional array that compatible with the tonypa tiling game tutorial or any tiling game engine. The array will shhown like this myMap =[[1,"t001"],[0,"t003"......]] 1 mean unwalkable tile (and 0 for walkable tile) and "t001"is the label of the movieclip "tile". Check the tonypa tutorial at

Friday, June 15, 2007

Dwarf Village

I don't have any idea, then i saw my brother play "Harvest Moon" PSX game. Nice game from natsume serious fun--you play as a boy to manage you grand father farm field. In this game you can plant some seed, ranching, fishing and have some conversation with all people around you.

Nice game, and i want to build in in flash. Then i made it, simple harvest moon game in flash. I call it "Dwaft Village", i add more stuff like more seed, more action and more map. You can do anything--just like a life simulation. You can plant some seed, depent on the season. Then you can have some cows, chickens and horse. You can fishing at the river and mining at the mountain. You can tall to every one, and you can enter the horse race championship and do more nice stuff.

Basicaly this is a tiling game with isometric view. Controled with mouse, so i need some nice engine for path finding and i found tony-pa tutorial. I add some script and i get new engine for pathfinding in the isometric tiling. I hope you like it when it's ready to release.

Sim Rescue

Another game project from is Sim Rescue. As a helicopter pilot you have to save the stranded civilians, extinguish the fires and drop the civilian to the hospital. Not the original game, but i add more detail in graphic, movement, and story line.

You will get 2 helicopter small and big heli, and both of them have different control and different capacity. In this game you will get 10 mission and at the end you can save your progress and save your score.

To made the graphic i use 3D max 9 and photoshop. I build the 3D object like helicopter and building-- so when the helicopter turn around you will see the movement of the helicopter.

In the future i want to make Sim Rescue 2, that you can control not only the helicopter but also you can drive ambulance, fire truck and reascue boat with-- all the top view

Road Burner

Drag Race is the next game that i have to built. Then i start with the movement engine of the car, and create the graphic (car, track and the car upgrades items). I add some prespective view with 3D graphic.

i use 3D max 9 to build the car and use photoshop with the material that i get from and combine it with some graphic to build this game. Start with some money you have to buy a car and setup it (paint, gear box, sparepart, exterior and interior).

I love this game! good graphic, hundreds of enemy, more car and item yoy can buy. and 6 championship. I hope you like it.

Gangster Life

GTA (Grand Thef Auto) are one of some ultimate game that i ever play. I want to make some game like that in flash, but its almost impossible to built it. Then i made some simple version of GTA 2 and i call it "Gangster Life". 6 campaign mission and 1 free mission--50% similar with GTA. the different are the graphic quality and the story line-i can't make that- i need some one else to built the story.

Something special about this game are the tiling sistem (i lovve it) and 3D effect of the buildings and trees. I used simple mostion tween and combine it with actionscript. Not perfect but i try my best. You can go outside from the car and killing people but you can't used another car. I will add more in the next GL game.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sim Lemonade Series

My next project is build the Sim Lemonade (flash version of Lemonade Tycoon). Simple to play --set the recipe (depent on the wheather) then set the price (depent on your popularity level) and buy the stock. After you prepare everything--now your job is waiting the customer come and buy your lemonade. Quite boring--yes i know, but some people love a kind of this game.

There are 2 version of this game "Sim Lemonade 30 days"and "sim Lemonade Millionaire"

The first one is the simple (basic) version, and your job will be finish in 30 days, but the second version i add more--upgrade item--location seting--advertising and more. You can play this game at

Dig Dog

Another Game that i was build in flash one year ago, i call it DIG DOG. The idea coming from the old games DIG DUG (Atari, i forgot what year it been released). Simple gameplay, play as REX (the hungry dog) you have to dig the ground and found all bones. Thing about your step and beready to shoot your enemy.

I love tiling game, because it make easier to build the level. So that why-i built this game with tiling system. I add 60 level with 5 different world and more than 7 enemy.
Different with all of my game, i build this game for PC Desktop not for Web browser. I will added the download link later.
To build this game, i need more than 1 month, because i get some problem with some movement bug.

Sim Taxi

I came to Dubai six months ago and i start to work with the web game developer company. I have a lot of time to do some game here. And my first game project was Sim Taxi. Using tiling engine i made this game in 7 days (graphic and coding ) .

basicaly, this game idea just like a Crazy Taxi game--pick up a passenger and drop him/her at the destination point and you will get some money, but to make it more fun--i add some capability like upgrading your car and save your progress.

To build the scrolling image, i build one big image 13000 px x 13000 px then slice it become small pieces 60 px by 60 px and make all of it as tile.